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Curriculum Leader:

Mrs E Pataki

Department Introduction:

Why study A Level Business?


A Level Business is a subject that never stands still and enables students to respond to real-life business situations, gaining a real understanding of business current affairs. This means it’s one of the most engaging and relevant subjects to study at A Level. Whatever post-18 pathway students choose, being able to relate to the business world as a manager, employee, investor or consumer provides a fundamental foundation for life.


The A Level course also reflects today’s global world with students developing an understanding of current global issues that impact on business, preparing them for their next steps in today’s global world.


Students develop transferable skills for progression to higher education, with A Level Business providing an opportunity to develop skills in numeracy, communication and an understanding of research methodology. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to take a strategic view of their decisions and recommendations, often acting as a strategic business adviser as they make recommendations based on real business scenarios.

Department Aims:

Key Stage 3:

Key Stage 4:

Key Stage 5:

What will I study in A Level Business?


Year 12


Theme 1 Marketing and people: Meeting customer needs, the market, marketing mix and strategy, managing people, entrepreneurs and leaders.


Theme 2 Managing business activities: Raising finance, financial planning, managing finance, resource management, external influences.


Year 13


Theme 3 Business decisions and strategy: Business objectives and strategy, business growth, decision-making techniques, influences on business decisions, assessing competitiveness, managing change.


Theme 4 Global business: Globalisation, global markets and business expansion, global marketing, global industries and companies (multinational corporations).


How will I be assessed? There are three exam papers:


Paper 1 – Marketing, people and global businesses, with questions drawn from Themes 1 and 4.

Paper 2 – Business activities, decisions and strategy with questions drawn from Themes 2 and 3.

Paper 3 – Investigating business in a competitive environment with questions drawn from all themes. This paper is based on a pre-release document which gives students the industry context for the examination questions.



Extra-Curricular Activities:

The department runs a day visit to JCB’s headquarters in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, where students can see many aspects of business theory in action including production methods, quality and global business. In addition, Year 12 students are invited to take part in the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales) BASE competition, a national business and accounting competition.

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