Sixth Form Enrichment Programme

Nicki Morgan, Secretary of State for Education at the time, wrote in a letter to schools in 2014:


“Cambridge research found that over 50% of lecturers think that new undergraduates are under-prepared for degree level study. New undergraduate lack some of the general skills essential for learning, including research, analysis and critical thinking.”

Our enrichment programme offers all Sixth Form students a unique range of non-examined activities to get involved with enabling them to develop valuable skills and qualities to help prepare them for the next stage of their lives beyond sixth form. The aim is to provide students with a broader experience than just the learning that takes place in the classroom. They can opt to get involved in a personalised enrichment programme that adds depth to their studies subjects by taking part in activities such as field trips, national competitions or attending master classes at local universities. The programme encompasses most areas of the curriculum and some of the courses may lead to an external accreditation.

These opportunities include:

  • Participating in trips abroad. In the last two years, these have included: an expedition to visits to Russia and Iceland

  • Community Service – assisting in local schools or supporting in day centres for the very young or elderly.

  • Participation in the Engineering in Education programme, working with professionals to solve problems and create design ideas.

  • Attending master classes at local universities

  • Representing and leading the student body through the Prefect system

  • Taking part in dramatic and musical productions; including the provision of technical support at these events.

  • Performing as part of the school orchestra, choir, jazz or rock band.

  • Playing competitive sport at inter-school regional and national levels.

  • Participating in sporting activities for enjoyment, to improve general fitness and well-being.

  • Visiting museums, galleries and theatres.

  • Gaining a nationally recognised first aid and/or sign language qualification.

  • Representing the school in debating and public speaking competitions.

  • Working towards the Duke of Edinburgh silver or gold award.


Sixth Form students have an important role to play at WGHS and are valued members of the school community. They contribute to the organisation of the school and develop their personal skills by taking on various leadership responsibilities. For example:

  • Organising school events;

  • Mentoring younger students;

  • Representing the student body and influencing school developments;

  • Coaching students at extra-curricular sport and music clubs;

  • Encouraging participation and developing team commitment through organising events such as House Arts, House Debating and a wide range of House Sporting events.