Objectives are: to provide information about career opportunities, help develop powers of self-awareness so students can make the appropriate career choices, develop skills to cope successfully in an adult environment and to develop an understanding of the world of work. Advice is given on the selection of GCSE subject options, A-Level choices and transition to higher education. Students receive individual counselling and there are opportunities for practical, hands-on work experience for Years 10 and 12. Drop-in sessions and one-to-one interviews are available throughout the year. Whole Year Careers Events are arranged at various points in the school calendar.


Key Stage 3


Careers Education and Guidance begins in Year 7 as part of the PSHCE curriculum when pupils undertake a self-assessment of their achievements, qualities, aptitudes and activities. They use goal setting, review, reflection and action planning to support progress and to set short and medium term goals.

In Year 8 pupils are made aware of how the world of work is changing and the skills that promote employability. They undertake research into the requirements for a range of jobs and are encouraged to consider the longer-term implications and potential progression opportunities in employment. Awareness of job families is reinforced in the Year 8 Careers Event in order to inform choice of future careers.

Job profiles are researched and pupils are introduced to Careers Information and programmes available in the library.

Year 9 is a time when pupils use self-review exercises to reflect on experiences to date. They begin to think about aspirations and plans for the future and demonstrate an understanding of how education, work and family fit into the journey. Short term and long term plans are made as part of the programme for choosing KS4 options, and targets and choices are discussed with a member of staff as part of the Mentoring progress. 

Teacher Responsible: Mrs R Brett

An options choice evening is held for Year 9 pupils and their parents where choices are explained and staff are available for discussion. 


Key Stage 4


During KS4 pupils are encouraged to experience how a business operates by concentrating on a business idea and identifying potential customers, equipment, premises, and finance required. A business plan is produced and is presented to the class. Pupils also organise, and prepare for Work Experience.

Careers Events are arranged for KS4 where pupils have an opportunity to discuss aspirations with representatives from a range of professions and to find out about opportunities available. Pupils are also encouraged to undertake individual research into areas of employment that interest them. Guidance is provided to advise pupils how best to approach this.

In year 11 pupils are encouraged to consider possible future careers. They each have an interview with the school Careers Advisor and are given information relating to their areas of interest. Interviews with members of staff, an Options evening and Parents’ evening help them to prepare for their Yr 12 Option Choices.


Key Stage 5


In KS5 pupils are given information about Higher Education and Careers opportunities throughout the year. The careers advisor is available for discussion of opportunities available. A Higher Education Fair is held in March/April of Year 12 when representatives from a variety of Universities and Professions attend. Past pupils also attend this event and talk about their experience of H. E. and the world of work. All Year 13 pupils receive a practice interview, preparing them for the world of work. Year 12 pupils are encouraged to undertake Work Experience and are made aware of a range of ‘taster’ courses and careers information events that are available. Courses are advertised to pupils and several pupils participate in these.

The Year 12 Career Event focuses on employability skills and preparation for future careers.

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