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Careers Day

Unlock Your Future: Join Us for an Exciting Careers Day at WGHS

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration? Look no further than WGHS's upcoming Careers Day! This eagerly anticipated event is designed to empower students with the knowledge and insights they need to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Date and Time: Tuesday 21st November 2023

What will it involve?

  1. Diverse Range of Professions: Our Careers Day will host professionals from a wide array of industries, providing students with a unique opportunity to explore diverse career paths. Whether you're interested in public sector careers, healthcare, business/finance, or apprenticeships, there will be something for everyone.

  2. Interactive Workshops: Engage in hands-on classroom activities. These sessions are designed to give you a taste of what the skills required in various professions. From self-evaluation of your skills, debates on equal pay, looking at labour market information, social media, stereotypes and interview skills, the day will be both educational and entertaining.

  3. Inspiring Guest Speakers: Be inspired by accomplished individuals who have made a mark in their respective fields including some ex-WGHS students. Our guest speakers will share their personal journeys, challenges, and successes, offering valuable insights that can motivate and guide you.

How to Participate:

There will be no timetabled lessons on Tuesday 21st November. All students should attend school as normal in their school uniform (not PE kit). KS3 and 4 students should go to their normal classrooms at the normal time where they will be met by their classroom teacher who will take them to the correct venue. KS5 students are in groups so need to check where their group is each session.

Any questions, please see Mrs Pagett in the library or Mrs Brett.

NB: Y11 also have their mock interviews on Wednesday 22nd November. The time of your interview is displayed outside the library.


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