Remote Learning

This partial school closure is a difficult time for everyone. You should have received work from your teachers through Microsoft Teams and students in Years 10 and 12 should still be having lessons through their class Teams.


However, everyone’s experience is different. Some of you will be working really hard to support your families, perhaps helping younger siblings with their school work or looking after adults who are unwell or elderly. Whilst others of you might be using school work to give your days some structure and are looking for more things to do.


To support you further we’ve asked teachers to put copies of their schemes of learning onto this web page. They are organised into each relevant year. These are the plans that teachers had made for your lessons if we were teaching you as normal this half term. They are not things that you have to cover whilst you are off, that’s just the work and lessons that you are currently doing. If though you want to look at these plans and use them to look at areas of study in more depth or spend some time planning and reading ahead then please do so and hopefully they can be useful.


We are making plans for when we are all back together. How we will assess your knowledge from this period of time and how we will plan to teach you in the future from that point onwards. These are our things to worry about and to plan, you do not need to worry about them. For now please make sure that you stay at home, stay safe and look after each other. We look forward to being together again soon.

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