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    • School closure in the event of adverse weather

      Very bad weather and road conditions may make it advisable to close the school earlier than usual to help girls with difficult journeys to get home, although it would be only under very exceptional circumstances that the school would close significantly early. The school will alert parents to this decision by text message and e-mail via the Schoolcomms electronic service that we have in school. Therefore, please would you kindly ensure that we have a current mobile telephone number and e-mail address so that you will receive this information should we need to make contact with you? In the event of a school closure while school is in session, all students will be dismissed from school unless parents record in their daughter’s School Planner their wish for their daughter to remain in the school building until collected. In the event of early closure, it is important that each girl knows exactly what she should do to get home. I should, therefore, be grateful if you would discuss with your daughter, how she is to make her way home in very bad weather, e.g. whether she is to wait to be collected from school, to start the journey home by bus, or to start walking. It is important that you work out together an agreed route that you both know. This detail then needs to be added to your daughter’s School Planner and signed by yourself. If your daughter should arrive home earlier than usual, it would be advisable to make arrangements for her to go to a friend or neighbour if there is no one at home, or to let herself into the house if you are happy for her to do so. In the event of waking up to severe weather conditions, the school will send a text message and e-mail via the Schoolcomms electronic service to all parents to notify of a school closure. We will also post this decision on the school website. The school will endeavour to have announcements made by 7.00am. If there is no definite announcement about the school by 7.00am, it can be assumed that there has not been a closure and school is open as usual.

    • Entry to the Sixth Form in September 2021

      You can find more information about our sixth form application process and entry requirements by clicking here

    • Coronavirus Flowchart

      Please view the attached flowchart, we hope this will be useful assistance to our school community.

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    • Awards & Achievements | Wolverhampton Girls' High School

      Awards & Achievements "Your school is outstanding. It meets its aim for students to achieve the best they are capable of in all aspects of school life - to become confident, self-aware, independent thinking, and to be able to relate well to others." Latest Ofsted Report Ofsted Department's achievement and attainment performance data Ofsted Website Click here to read our Good Schools Guide Review Extra Curricular Information Here you can view details of extra-curricular opportunities. View School Vision Discover our schools vision and see how we look to achieve our goals. Read More The House System Find out more about the different houses and what it means to the school community . Read More

    • Year 12 Admissions | Wolverhampton Girls' High School

      Year 12 Admissions Welcome to the Year 12 admissions section of our website, here you can find the latest information about the process to apply for the school and various useful information. Sixth Form Prospectus View a digital version of the school prospectus or download it. Read More Online Application Form Applications are now open. Apply now for September 2021 Meetings with Key Staff For students joining in September 2020 Meetings on 2nd & 3rd September Book Latest Year 12 Admission Information WGHS offers academic excellence, a stimulating working environment and a range of extra-curricular activities. However, what new students to the school have commented on most is the friendliness of students and staff, the warm family atmosphere ​ Applications for entry 2021 deadline is 29th January 2021 ​ WGHS offers academic excellence, a stimulating working environment and a range of extra-curricular activities. However, what new students to the school have commented on most is the friendliness of students and staff and the warm family atmosphere. ​ ​Please contact Mrs Darby, the Sixth Form Pastoral Administrative Officer, by telephone 01902 551515 or email for any further enquiries about this event or sixth form at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School in general. 6thformadmissions@wghs.org.uk ​ Virtual Open Events ​ Unfortunately, this year we are unable to welcome visitors into school, but we hope that the will be of interest. online materials available We will be running Q&A live events on each of the following dates for our virtual live events. Monday 11th January at 4pm Wednesday 13th January at 5pm Wednesday 13th January at 7.30pm ​ Once you have registered you will be emailed information on how to join our virtual event. We look forward to you joining us and asking any questions you may have. If you wish to attend one of our Virtual Open Events then please complete the form found by . clicking here Admission Arrangements to the Sixth Form for school year 2020-21 Entry Requirements Both internal and external students wishing to enter the sixth form will be expected to have met the same minimum academic entry requirements for the Sixth Form. These are that students will usually be expected to have achieved a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grades 5 (or B where legacy GCSE) or above, including Mathematics and English Language, with a minimum average points score of 6 from her best 6 subjects. In addition to the Sixth Form’s minimum academic entry requirements students will need to satisfy minimum entrance requirements to the courses for which they are applying. If either internal or external applicants fail to meet the minimum course requirements they will be given the option of pursuing any alternative courses for which they do meet the minimum academic requirements. Course requirements are published annually in the School’s prospectus and on its website. Subjects which are not GCSEs but deemed to be equivalent to GCSEs are not accepted. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to make the final decision on the application of the entry requirements. Application Procedures Internal students in the current Year 11 are viewed as automatic applicants to the Sixth Form and will be admitted subject to meeting the entry requirements. There are a variety of opportunities for these students to receive advice and guidance from both students and staff at the school, including attendance at a meeting with a senior member of staff to discuss option choices. Each external student wishing to join the Sixth Form must apply in writing by completing an application form. She will then be invited to come into school for a meeting with a senior member of staff who will provide advice on options and entry requirements for particular courses. Allocation of places/Oversubscription Criteria ​ Initially, conditional offers of admission to Year 12 will be made and these will be confirmed following the publication of GCSE results. When there are more external applicants that satisfy all aspects of the academic entry requirements, priority, will be given in the following order: 1. A “Looked After Child”7, or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order. 2. Other students who would then be ranked in order of merit based on their average total GCSE points score. ​ Joint Lowest Last Place Score In the event that more than one candidate obtains the last score a tie break process will be followed. Priority will be allocated in the following order: 1. Those living nearest to the school. The measurement between home and school will be determined by the straight line measurement from the designated home address8 to the school using computerised software. For applications from the same block of flats that have the same designated point, the allocation will be decided by lot. Where parents have shared responsibility for the girl and the girl lives with both parents for part of the week then the main residence will be determined as the address where the girl lives for the majority of the school week during term time. Parents may be requested to supply documentary evidence to support the address used for the application. 2. In the event that there is a tie between sisters who live at the same address, the place will be allocated to the first born and in cases where this is not known, the allocation will be decided by lot. Waiting List A waiting list will be compiled of applicants who meet the academic requirements for admission to Year 12 but who, in accordance with the admission criteria, cannot be accommodated. Those on the waiting list will be ranked in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out above. Once admitted to the Sixth Form, each student will enter into an agreement with the school. That agreement will outline what students can expect from the school and what the school will expect from each student. If no place is offered, parents and students will be informed of their right to appeal. ​ 7 A 'looked after child' is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the definition in section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989). 8 The normal place of residence on weekdays and nights. The home address of a child is considered to be the permanent residence of a child in a residential property when the place is offered. The address must be the child’s main residence and is either: owned by the child’s parent/carer or guardian or leased to or rented by the child’s parent/carer or guardian under lease or written rental agreement.

    • About Us | Wolverhampton Girls' High School

      Our School This is the about us section of the school website, here you can find more information about school policies we have in place as well as viewing the latest results. ​ Our team of dedicated staff all ensure that students are well supported to achieve academic success, within a caring community. Pastoral care is exceptional, focusing upon student wellbeing. High quality advice and support is provided to ensure that students are well informed to make their choices when preparing for higher education and their future careers. The school has an impressive record of students going on to read a variety of degree courses including Medicine and Law; and at some of the best institutions in the country including Oxford and Cambridge, alongside securing prestigious higher level apprenticeships at companies such as KPMG. ​ WGHS truly is a special place to be, with its supportive atmosphere encouraging all students to achieve their best in all aspects of school life. If you would like to find out more about our school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Headteacher's Welcome Mrs Young welcomes you to WGHS and explains what makes us so special. Read More Results Our latest results for both GCSE and A Level. Read More School Policies Here you can view and download copies of our school policies. Read More School Vision Discover our schools vision and see how we look to achieve our goals. Read More Ofsted Report Click here to view the latest Ofsted Report. Read More We offer a broad and rich curriculum where all students are encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life. Our combination of high expectations and support, tailored to meeting individual needs, leads to academic excellence. Students are highly motivated to learn and personalised learning lies at the heart of our provision. The school is respected as one of the best state schools in the country, regularly achieving examination results which place it near the top of national league tables. This success has also been recognised by Ofsted, with the school achieving four successive “Outstanding” inspections. The school’s motto: Ludus Supra Praemium, emphasises the value of taking part as a member of the school community. Our girls are encouraged to develop skills for life long success in terms of understanding themselves as learners and developing as responsible citizens, demonstrating care and respect for all members of the community. We encourage each of our students to aim for their personal best. Extra Curricular Activities Pastoral Care Articles and Memorandum of Association of Wolverhampton Girls' High School Department's achievement and attainment performance data Funding Agreement Annual Report & Financial Statements Awards and Achievments Mrs Young welcomes you to WGHS and explains what makes us so special. Read More Facilities Current job vacancies at WGHS can be found here. Read More School Governors (Trustees) Discover our schools vision and see how we look to achieve our goals. Read More A Day at School Find out the structure of the school day and the experiences of some of our students. Read More Job Vacancies Current job vacancies at WGHS can be found here. Read More

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