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  • GCSE Results

    Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students collecting their GCSE results today. The last 18 months have presented so many challenges because of the pandemic. We are all so very proud of the way in which our students have responded to those challenges with resilience and commitment to their studies. Hard-work, dedication and adaptability have been rewarded with a fantastic set of GCSE results. Well done everyone! Thank you to all of our parents and staff for the support they have shown the students in helping them to secure such great results. On behalf of everyone at Wolverhampton Girls’ High, congratulations to you all and we wish you all the very best for the exciting next steps that now lie ahead as we look forward to continuing to support you in the Sixth Form. Mrs Young

  • A Level Results

    Congratulations to our class of 2021. You have so much to celebrate, and we are all so very proud of you. Our Year 13 students have worked incredibly hard over a very difficult two years. We have all faced challenges because of the pandemic and the cohort should feel so incredibly proud of all that they have achieved. They have shown such resilience and flexibility whilst maintaining a committed and hardworking approach. The results that they have achieved are testament to their dedication and the support they have received from staff, parents/carers, and each other. On behalf of everyone at Wolverhampton Girls’ High, thank you for your contributions to our school and we wish you all the very best for the exciting next steps that now lie ahead. Trudi Young

  • Covid Home Testing

    After completing your LFT test you need to: Log your results with both the NHS using this link: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result You scan the QR code on the test. And then: You must then log the result with school. https://forms.office.com/r/d0M7UxW9X2 You will need to note down the test barcode to register the result. The school link will only work if you are logged on to your student school account. If you run out of tests before a new set is issued then please go to the Hub.

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  • Wolverhampton Girls' High School

    Welcome to our school We have a long and established history of providing outstanding education for girls for over 100 years. We pride ourselves on our traditions, but we do not stand still, we are striving for continuous improvement. There is no char ge or cost related to the admission of a student to the school and we welcome new students in the Sixth Form from within the City of Wolverhampton and beyond. ​ We offer a broad and rich curriculum where all students are encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life. Our combination of high expectations and support, tailored to meeting individual needs, leads to academic excellence. Students are highly motivated to learn and personalised learning lies at the heart of our provision. The school is respected as one of the best state schools in the country, regularly achieving examination results which place it near the top of national league tables. This success has also been recognised by Ofsted, with the school achieving four successive “Outstanding” inspections. About our School The Girls' High has a long and established history of providing outstanding education for girls for over 100 years. Read More Admissions There is no charge or cost related to the admission of a pupil to the school. Read More Whilst academic achievements are an important part of life at WGHS, students enjoy a wide range of other opportunities. These include participation in the thriving house system; and opportunities in the fields of sport, music and drama. Sixth Formers are an integral part of the school, taking on various leadership posts and acting as role models for the younger students. There is a plethora of activities for the students to engage in from leading whole school events; to organising charity fundraising activities; participating in debating competitions and enjoying expeditions abroad. ​ Our team of dedicated staff all ensure that students are well supported to achieve academic success, within a caring community. Pastoral care is exceptional, focusing upon student wellbeing. High quality advice and support is provided to ensure that students are well informed to make their choices when preparing for higher education and their future careers. The school has an impressive record of students going on to read a variety of degree courses including Medicine and Law; and at some of the best institutions in the country including Oxford and Cambridge, alongside securing prestigious higher level apprenticeships at companies such as KPMG. The school’s motto: Ludus Supra Praemium, emphasises the value of taking part as a member of the school community. Our girls are encouraged to develop skills for life long success in terms of understanding themselves as learners and developing as responsible citizens, demonstrating care and respect for all members of the community. We encourage each of our students to aim for their personal best. ​ As a result our students leave Wolverhampton Girls’ High School with fond memories, and equipped as confident and independent minded young women ready to take on the challenges ahead and enjoy success in their chosen fields. ​ WGHS truly is a special place to be, with its supportive atmosphere, encouraging all students to achieve their best in all aspects of school life. If you would like to find out more about our school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our offer Here at Girls’ High we have a long and well-deserved reputation for offering students an exceptional seven years of study. Each individual student who joins is provided with the opportunity to achieve their own personal aspirations, both academically as well as beyond the classroom. ​ We offer a broad and varied curriculum The school offers a broad and rich curriculum with over 20 subjects available for study at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School which means that we are able to provide an educational pathway that is tailored to the individual student’s needs. ​ We care Care, support and guidance are key elements at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School. Whilst academic achievements are exceptional this is not a solely academic school. Students join us knowing that they can fulfil their academic potential as well as developing the key skills essential for success both in and beyond school. We are highly skilled at ensuring students are able to secure places at outstanding institutions as well identifying and supporting applications for other opportunities beyond Sixth Form. ​ We achieve outstanding results Each year the vast majority of our Year 13 students go on to further study including institutions such as Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities. We offer every encouragement to all students in whatever they wish to pursue, whether this be university, higher apprenticeships, employment or a gap year. ​ We offer exceptional opportunities Students have the chance to develop communication, leadership and independence skills through the diverse enrichment opportunities on offer. The students play an instrumental role in the school community, organising a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities, charity events and contributing to school development and are able to take on positions of responsibility such as House Captains, Prefects, Deputy and Assistant Head Girl and Head Girl. They also benefit from a wide range of trips abroad including Russia, Italy, France, Spain, and Iceland, opportunities which support curriculum studies and help the girls to grow into well-rounded individuals. Curriculum We offer a broad and rich curriculum where all students are encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best. Read More Pastoral Care We believe it is the right of every girl to feel happy and secure at WGHS. Read More

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