Understanding the Teacher Assessed Grades Process and Latest Updates

At Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, we are committed to ensuring a fair and balanced approach to Teacher Assessed Grades and want to support our students to “show what they know and can do” in line with the Secretary of State for Education’s aspiration.  Over a very difficult period of GCSE/A Level study our students have worked hard with determination and commitment to their studies. 


When reaching judgements, the staff will utilise the extensive evidence that we already hold.  It is likely that some of the following may be included in this review of evidence: mock examinations, common assessments, portfolio work, NEA (where applicable) and homework (where appropriate). 


We have provided approximately three additional opportunities in each subject for students to “show what they can do”.  This will add to the existing body of evidence available for the staff in school to reach their judgements.  It is important to note that these are not examinations.  They are reasonably short in length assessments undertaken in class.  Teachers have provided guidance to students in advance to enable focused and targeted preparation.   The outcomes from these in class assessments will complement the evidence already held by the school.


The awarding of qualifications in the Summer of 2021 is different to the process used in 2020 (Centre Assessed Grades alongside the OFQUAL algorithm). There is no ranking of students or fitting the distribution of grades to the historical results of the school. Instead, schools have been asked to generate a Teacher Assessed Grade based on a review of evidence. This evidence generated by what the candidate has produced during their studies in the ways noted above. Teachers have been asked to take a holistic approach to this evidence and to compare it against grade descriptors in each subject. These are available here.


As a school we will provide you with details on the assessments that will be used to inform the Teacher Assessed Grades. These are in the assessment booklet that will be provided to candidates by the 17th May, a copy will also be available through this webpage. You should review this booklet carefully and consider if you were affected by adverse events during any of these assessments. A typical adverse event would be such things as:

  1. temporary illness or accident/injury at the time of the assessment;

  2. bereavement at the time of the assessment;

  3. domestic crisis arising at the time of the assessment;

  4. serious disturbance during an assessment, particularly where recorded material is being used;

  5. participation in sporting events, training camps or other events at an international level at the time of the assessment, e.g. representing their country at an international level in chess or football;

  6. failure by the centre to implement previously approved access arrangements for that specific examination series.

Given the circumstances of this year, it is expected that in most cases concerns raised above would result in the assessment being removed from the basket of evidence used for the purposes of teacher Assessed Grades and the remaining assessment evidence being used. Although, this decision will not be taken if it is detrimental to the candidate, e.g. it would remove a candidate’s best scores. If you believe that there are grounds for special consideration you will need to complete the necessary form. A letter explaining this in more detail and the form will be available shortly.


As part of this process we have undertaken a number of steps to ensure objectivity, such as asking students to identify their work via their candidate number. The full detail of internal and external quality assurance can be viewed in our centre policy available here. As a result of these steps, we will not be returning marks on additional assessments to students until after the Teacher Assessed Grades have been sent to the examination boards.


A guide for students, parents and guardians is available from JCQ here.


Results days this year are:

A-levels: Tuesday 10th August

GCSE: Thursday 12th August


Further details on these results days will be distributed nearer the time.