Why I Love Girls' High

What our girls say

"I like how all of the teachers are really kind and help you when you need them. "

"I love the history behind WGHS because it makes it unique and special. "


"We get to go to lovely trips. And we get to go to other countries. "


"I love the variety of subjects we learn about with high standards and opportunities"


"I really enjoy the house events & sport events we do and the extra curricular clubs. "

"The grounds are really big and give us a lot of freedom. "

"I love how there are loads of clubs to take part in at lunch '& after school. "


"I love the sense of community and the bond between students & teachers. "


"I have got many lovely friends. Everyone in my class, its like a family. "


"I like the school because it has so much history to it. "

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