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Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs)

What is a MOOC?

MOOC stand for Massive Open Online Course and are free online courses that are delivered via the internet. Read more on MOOCS.

The courses are flexible – normally three to five hours of study a week – done at any time, short (five to 10 weeks) with the main source of learning done via video. You can discuss a course with fellow students via online forums, discussion boards and peer review.

Students don't have to finish the courses, pass assessments or do assignments, but, if they do, they get a certification of participation.

Why do a MOOC?

  • To explore their interests and expand their knowledge at a university level, without having to apply to or meet the requirements for attending a standard university

  • To gain confidence in your area of interest and get a head start in your specialisation

  • To demonstrate independent learning and an interest in a subject beyond the school classroom

  • To get the opportunity to study practically anything you’d like to

  • To access difficult information in a more effective way

  • To select the learning experience most productive and best suited to their abilities and preferences

See the links below for some suggested MOOC providers.

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