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Our website has the below accessibility features enabled to help all users to effectively navigate our website.


Full Keyboard Functionality

From small buttons to comprehensive menus, our website is operable with a keyboard.


Correct Semantics

Components on our site have the correct semantics built in so people with disabilities can better understand our content.


Heading Tags

Heading tags help users who use screen readers understand how our site is organized in order to present the content.


Automatic DOM Order

The DOM is automatically arranged so visitors who use keyboards and screen readers can navigate your site (from left to right).


Smart Focus Ring

Smart focus rings automatically appear when a keyboard is being used and feature dual colors so keyboard users better navigate our site.


Alt Text

Our site has descriptions of images known as alt text so that visually impaired users better understand the context of the photos on our site.


Site Language Definition

Our site is rendered with the correct language so screen readers can understand your content.


Aria Attributes

Built-in aria attributes provide enriched accessible user experience. 


Skip to Content 

Skip to Content allows keyboard users to navigate directly to the main content of the page. This way you can easily get to the content you need.

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