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In Year Admission Arrangements for Students 2023-24

In addition to the published Admissions Policy for the transfer of pupils at age 11, the Governing Body of Wolverhampton Girls’ High School wishes to highlight the following agreed procedure for admission to the school by way of transfer from other schools at other points during the academic year and at ages greater than 11 years.

Application Procedures

Parents/Carers considering making an application to join Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, other than at the normal transfer stage, should submit an in-year application. The school will respond in writing within 15 school days of receiving the in-year application to advise the Parent/Carer of the next testing date. Following completion of the test, the Parent/Carer will be advised of the outcome within 15 school days. They will either be advised whether a place can be offered where there is a space and the child is assessed to be of the academic standard i.e.
of the academic ability range of the cohort in question, or of the right to appeal where the school is at capacity and/or the child is not of the required academic standard. Where the school is at capacity but the child is assessed to be of the academic standard, they will be placed on the waiting list.

Number on Roll

The admission number for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 is 180 and it is expected that there will be no more than 145 places in Year 11.


Out of Cohort

Parents/carers who wish their daughter to be considered for entry to Year 8 and above via the In Year Transfer Request system, where she is either ahead of her cohort or behind her cohort, should write to the Headteacher outlining the reasons for the request. The Headteacher will then seek the views of the Governors’ Admissions Committee which will assess the request. Parents/carers should note that a student can only request to take an In Year Transfer Test to join a specific school year group (For example Year 8 or Year 9) once. Therefore, if she is of school age Year 7 and applying to join the school’s Year 8 cohort, a student would not be able to take an In Year Test the following year when of school age Year 8 for entry into the school’s Year 8 cohort. 

Allocation of Places

Following receipt of an in-year application, the school will make arrangements to test whether the child is of the required academic standard, i.e. of the academic ability range of the cohort in question. A place will only be offered if the testing process reveals this to be the case. Where fewer places are available than the number of children who meet the required academic standard, places will be allocated to the child or children who achieved the highest scores in accordance with the oversubscription criteria below. If no place is offered, Parents/Carers will be
informed of their right to appeal and the opportunity to go on the waiting list (where eligible to do so).

Waiting List

The school operates a waiting list for candidates who are interested in joining the school and the year group in question is full. When a candidate has sat the test, where no places are available she will be placed on the waiting list, if the candidate’s results are of the academic ability of the year group in question. To be eligible to go on the waiting list, a candidate’s test scores must be judged to be within the ability range of the year group in question. A rank position to indicate at what position within the year group the candidate would fit within the ability range will be allocated. Candidates will then be ranked on the waiting list in merit order of their year group rank position. 

At the end of each half term, the school will review the waiting list and where a vacancy has become available a place will be offered to the candidate at highest position on the waiting list to commence studies at the school at the start of the next half term.

Names will be held on the waiting list for the duration of an academic year. Where places do not become available the parent/carer would need to apply again for the following school year. In such circumstances the candidate would need to be tested again to assess eligibility to go on the waiting list for the year group in question. 

Oversubscription Criteria

In the event that more than one applicant obtains an equally high standard, meaning they share a rank position in the tests, priority will be allocated in the order of the points set out below:

1. A “Looked After Child”, or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order.

2. A Pupil Premium student as at the time of taking the test. Proof of “Pupil Premium” status will be required in line with the requirements outlined on the school website and requested by the school.

3. The student(s) living nearest to the school. The measurement between home and school will be determined by the straight line measurement from the designated home address 6 to the designated school using computerised software. For applications from the same block of flats that have the same designated point, the allocation will be decided by lot. Where parents/carers have shared responsibility for the girl and the girl lives with both parents/carers for part of the week then the main residence will be determined as the address where the girl lives for the majority of the school week during term time. Parents/carers may be requested to supply documentary evidence to support the address used for the application.

4. Twins, triplets, multiple births – in this situation, in the event that there is a tie between sisters who live at the same address, the place will be allocated to the first born and in cases where this is not known, the allocation will be decided by lot. No pupil will be offered the opportunity to attend more than one testing date in any one academic year.

Equality Act 2010

Parents/carers who consider that their daughter has a disability under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 and/or Special Educational Need which would disadvantage her during the application of the school’s admissions procedures should provide further written information, at the time of registration, so that consideration can be given to making any reasonable arrangements for the candidate.

School Prospectus

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In Year Admission Registration Form
Academic Year 2023-2024

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