Admission Arrangements for the Pupils in Year

In addition to the published Admission Policy for the transfer of pupils at age 11, the Governing Body of Wolverhampton Girls’ High School wishes to highlight the following agreed procedure for admission to the school by way of transfer from other schools at other points during the academic year and at ages greater than 11 years.

Application Procedures


Movement between schools and to join a school is administered by the Local Authority. Parents considering making a request to move their child into or between schools in Wolverhampton, other than at the normal transfer stage should contact the School Admissions and Transfers Section of their Local Authority for an In-Year Common Application Form (INCAF). The Secondary Social Inclusion and Advisory Placements Panel (SSIAPP) will consider all transfer requests for Wolverhampton Secondary Schools and make their recommendations to the appropriate admission authority for consideration.


Admission Number

The admission number for Year 7 -10 is 145, Year 11 is 116.


Out of Cohort

Parents who wish their daughter to be considered for entry to Year 8 and above via the In Year Transfer Request system, whose daughter is either ahead of her cohort or behind her cohort should write to the Headteacher outlining the reasons for the request. The Headteacher will then seek the views of the Governors’ Admissions Committee who will assess the request. Parents should note that a student can only request to take an In Year Transfer Test to join a specific school year group (For example Year 8 or Year 9) once. Therefore if a student is of school age Year 7 and applying to join the school’s Year 8 cohort a student would not be able to take an In Year Test the following year when of school age Year 8 for entry into the school’s Year 8 cohort.

Allocation of Places

If there are no places available in the year group for which the application was made, no place will be offered and the parent will be informed of their right to appeal. If the parent lodges an appeal against the decision not to admit, the school will make arrangements to test whether the child is of the required academic standard. This information will be used to inform the appeal process.


If there are places available in the year group for which the application was made, the school will make arrangements to test whether the child is of the required academic standard as defined on the school website. A place will only be offered if the testing process reveals this to be the case. Where fewer places are available than the number of children who meet the required academic standard, places will be allocated to the child or children who achieved the highest scores in accordance with the oversubscription criteria below. If no place is offered parents will be informed of their right to appeal.


Oversubscription Criteria

In the event that more than one applicant obtains an equally high standard in the tests, priority will be allocated on the basis of the points set out below:


1. A “Looked After Child”4 or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order.


2. Those living nearest to the school. The measurement between home and school will be determined by the straight line measurement from the designated home address5 to the designated school using computerised software. For applications from the same block of flats that have the same designated point, the allocation will be decided by lot. Where parents have shared responsibility for the girl and the girl lives with both parents for part of the week then the main residence will be determined as the address where the girl lives for the majority of the school week during term time. Parents may be requested to supply documentary evidence to support the address used for the application.


3. Twins, triplets, multiple births – in this situation when the sisters live at the same address, the place will be offered strictly according to performance in the examination. In the event that there is a tie, the place will be allocated to the first born and in cases where this is not known, the allocation will be decided by lot. No pupil will be offered the opportunity to attend more than one testing date in any one academic year.

Required academic standard

In year applicants take a MIDYIS/YELLIS test, alongside a test in Mathematics and one in English.  The test candidate’s score is compared to the results of the existing students in the given cohort.  If results fall within the range in each of the three components then the candidate is considered to be of the required academic standard.

Equality Act 2010

Parents who consider that their daughter has a disability under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 and/or Special Educational Need which would disadvantage her during the application of the school’s admission procedures should provide further written information, at the time of registration, so that consideration can be given to making any reasonable arrangements for the candidate.

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