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Parents' Guild

Welcome to the Parents’ Guild

Parents’ Guild is a voluntary organisation which aims to advance education of the students of WGHS by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school. We do this by organising a number of fun events throughout the year. All the money we raise provides additional resources and equipment that enrich the experience of students and which are not available from the school's budget.

As a parent/carer, you are a member of WGHS Parents’ Guild; we have removed the membership fee as we just want you to support us and help the school!

We keep parents informed by providing updates in the weekly WGHS school eBulletin. 

To find out more, please click on the following links:

If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you, please email:

Events we have Planned

Parents Guild
Grand Draw

School Funding Requests - Approvals

Parents' Guild

Get Involved - How you can help Parents’ Guild

There are many ways you can be more involved with Parents’ Guild activities; our goal is to support the school in enhancing the girls’ experience of their time at WGHS.

Here are some examples of how you can help:

  • Volunteering at school events e.g. looking after a stall, car-park marshalling etc

  • Fundraising – all ideas welcome!

  • Tell us about any special skills/knowledge you have e.g. baking, designing publicity, organising events etc. 

  • Use your business or contacts to help us to raise or save money at school events

  • Make the most of your employer match funding schemes or look at their ‘Social Responsibility intentions’

  • Joining PG Committee and considering funding requests made by the school

Even if you are not able to commit much time to help in practical ways, there are lots of ways of supporting us including joining our Grand Draw (simple lottery for parents/carers of students) and attending school events your daughter may be involved with.

Events we have planned

Events We Have Planned

Throughout the years, Parents’ Guild have organised a number of fundraising/social events including:

  • Punch and Carol’s evenings

  • Bags 2 School collections

  • Family Quiz Night

  • Easter Raffle

  • Bi-annual Summer Gala

  • Support at Parents’ Evenings (including selling Pre-Loved Uniform, refreshments and ordering CGP Books)

  • Coffee and Cakes events for new Year 7 pupils which provide extra opportunities for the girls to meet others, enjoy themselves and make new friendships.

We are reliant on parents/carers volunteering their time and becoming Committee members and supporters at events so that events can be planned and delivered.

Please email us at and let us know how you can support us!

PG Grand Draw

Parents Guild Grand Draw

WGHS Parents’ Guild operates a Grand Draw, which is a simple lottery. The proceeds help fund the school library facilities including books, periodicals, newspapers, software programs and upgrades to essential computer software, plus various useful items that otherwise would not be affordable. The high academic achievement of WGHS students means that the library is always in need of resources including those which reflect the wide range of subjects taught at the school.

Parents/carers can enter the Grand Draw and buy any number of Grand Draw numbers costing £12 each. For each number you purchase you will be allocated a Grand Draw, these numbers are entered into a draw three times during the year, usually once per term. You have a much greater chance of winning a prize in our lottery than in The National Lottery and even if you do not win, your money is going towards enriching your daughter’s school life! Currently you have around a one in 300 chance of winning a prize!!

There are six prizes in each draw, as follows: -

First Prize        £250
Second Prize    £150
Third Prize       £100
Fourth Prize     £75
Fifth Prize        £50
Sixth Prize       £25

This gives a total prize fund of £1950 which is won during each school year as we have three draws per academic year!

CGP Books

CGP Books

Further to a suggestion from one of our parents, Parents’ Guild help you to save postage costs and raise funds for school by ordering CGP Books and revision resources in bulk. The following discounts are available to parents: 


  • Order total over £30 – 10% discount

  • Order total over £50 – 20% discount

  • Order total over £100 – 35% discount

For more information about what resources are available, please visit CGP website (for parents):   

Once you know which items you wish to purchase please complete and return the Order Form (Link to Form here), send details of your ‘payment made date’ to and we will order the items for you and you will be helping to raise money for the school! 

School Funding Request

School Funding Requests – Approvals

Over the years, Parents’ Guild has funded many valuable contributions to various school departments and many projects. Our largest contributions have included:

•    £12,000 which paid for the Centenary Garden, our largest project to date!
•    £7,000 towards a new sound system in the main School hall
•    £7,000 to replace computers struggling with basic tasks on Windows 10 
•    £2,000 towards equipment for the new Fitness Suite in the PE department
•    £2,000 towards a specialist piano for the Music department

Parents Guild Committee

Anchor 1

The following people were elected at the Annual General Meeting held on 16th November:


Chair - Nicola Dixon

Treasurer - Sara Maguire

Secretary - Deborah Dallison


Parents' Guild meetings take place termly; all parents are welcome to attend, just bring your ideas and enthusiasm. 


Meeting dates are circulated via the school bulletin. 

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