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Academy Trust

Academy Trust Company Number: 8918836

Registered Office Address: Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0BY.

Trust registered to: England and Wales


School Trust members:

Trade Union Facility time: 21/22


The Academy Trust had more than 49 fulltime equivalent employees throughout the reporting period and therefore includes the following information in line with the Use of Trade Union Facility Time Publication Regulations:


Relevant union Officials:

Percentage of time spent on facility time:

Percentage of pay bill spent on union facility time:

Paid trade union activities:

Attendance at Governor’s meetings 2021-22

Anne Ward
1 April 2014
David Anderson
28 February 2022
Gill Fox
1 September 2022
Kaye Harrison
27 March 2019
Mark Jones
1 April 2014
Sarah Swan
1 July 2021
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