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Term Dates

2020 - 2021

Academic Year

Autumn Term 2020

Starts: Tue 1 Sept

Half Term: Mon 26 Oct to Fri 30 Oct

Ends: Fri 18 Dec

Spring Term 2021

Starts: Mon 4 Jan

Half Term: Mon 15 Feb to Fri 19 Feb

Ends: Thur 1 April

Summer Term 2021

Starts: Mon 19 April

Half Term: Mon 31 May to Fri 4 June

Ends: Fri 16 July

Non Pupil Days

To be confirmed


Academic Year

Autumn Term 2021

Starts: Fri 3 Sept

Half Term: Mon 25 Oct to Fri 29 Oct

Ends: Fri 17 Dec

Spring Term 2022

Starts: Tue 4 Jan

Half Term: Mon 21 Feb to Fri 25 Feb

Ends: Fri 8 April

Summer Term 2022

Starts: Mon 25 April

Half Term: Mon 30 May to Fri 3 June

Ends: Thur 21 July

Non Pupil Days

Friday, 3 September 2021
Monday 20th September 2021
Friday 22nd October 2021
Friday 26th November 2021
Tuesday 4th January 2022
Wednesday 5th January 2022


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