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Year 10 Work Experience

This school has sent girls on Work Experience for over 25 years and the feedback received from the girls themselves and employers has always been most favourable.  More and more Higher Education Institutions and prospective employers regard work experience as a very beneficial and necessary process for young people.

Girls are encouraged to organise their own work placements as this helps them to develop confidence and communication skills.

When you go out on work experience it is hoped that the experience will help you gain an insight into the world of work and an idea of how things are done in the ‘outside world’ away from school.  It will also make you more aware of some of the problems that can occur when people are at work.

It is just one element in your education and, therefore, it should not be looked at in isolation from the rest of the work you do at school.  You will have to spend some time preparing for your placement and reflecting on what you learnt in order to benefit fully from it.

You will be asked to observe what goes on in the workplace as well as taking part in the activities in it.

Work experience is a valuable opportunity and your work experience placement and the preparatory and follow-up work might help you to:

  • Recognise develop and apply their skills of enterprise and employability.

  • Use your experience of work, including work experience and part time jobs, to extend your understanding of work.

  • Learn about the way business enterprises operate, working roles and conditions and rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

  • Develop awareness of the extent and diversity of local and national employment opportunities.

  • Relate your own abilities, attributes and achievements to career intentions and make informal choices based on an understanding of the alternatives.

  • Learn from contact with personnel from different employment sectors.

  • Have experience of working practices and environment.

  • Engage with ideas, challenges and applications from the business world.

It is important that placements are organised as soon as possible as the summer is a very popular time for work experience. 

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