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Welcome to the WGHS online portal and thank you for registering to take the entrance test at Wolverhampton Girls' High School.  This course has been created to help you during this process.  The full course is made up of 8 individual lessons, each taking around one hour to complete.  You will start on the 'Introduction to Familiarisation' lesson and will 'unlock' additional lessons as you work through them.


The first lesson can be found in the 'My Lessons' area.  

  • Step 1 Please watch the 'Welcome' video.

  • Step 2 Please click the '1. Introduction' tile below, and follow the instructions.

  • Step 3 You complete the Lessons in numerical order. You will gain access to the next Lesson once you have completed the previous Lesson.  For example, you cannot jump to Lesson 7 without completing Lesson 6. 

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