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House Crest Competition Winners

WGHS has a long and proud tradition of four houses, Audley, Ferrers, Paget and Stafford. Our house system has been gathering momentum since the Winter Games in February and the time came before the Whitsun holiday to consider a clear identity for each house. We wanted to represent each one with its own crest and were sure that students would want the right image by which to celebrate and gather under as part of their school family. It was an exciting opportunity to pose a design brief to the whole school. Entrants were welcome from ALL members of the school community in submitting house crest designs to represent Audely, Ferrers, Paget and Stafford. We knew school exams might slow the process down but eagerly awaited the submissions by those keen to face an artistic and creative challenge. Many of the entrants included a passionate written accompaniment to their design which explained their view of their House Values and Virtues in true Girls’ High style! The thoughtful symbolism had clearly been researched and considered in all cases. Loyalty, Bravery, Vigilance, Hope, Unity, Resilience and Determination featured throughout. I would like to highly commend the following artists and designers: Abigail Turner in 8G, Debleena Nandy in 7C, Lucy Munson in 8C and Temi Ojerinde in 10P for their wonderful designs. All were beautifully presented and very carefully crafted on paper. They all showed super attention to detail and dexterity in their chosen media.

Winning designs are:

Paget - Christina Hilken and Marlow Telling

Stafford - Ewurama Tabil

Audley - Ananya Marla

Ferrers - Bieren Ghateaura


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