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Year 8 Geography trip to Carding Mill Valley - student reviews

On Wednesday 5th June, Year 8 went to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire, where there was many different aspects of greenery and wildlife. The purpose of going on the trip was to explore the different features of a valley, linking to our upcoming Geography lessons. We did many investigations, with a goal of exploring the velocity, bedload, gradient and width of the stream. Our experiments began at the confluence – where two streams meet – in the upper valley, with sheep, lambs and even ponies in the background at certain points. From this, we repeated our investigations in the middle and lower valley, finding the differences between each location. Overall, it was an intriguing trip, which deepened our knowledge on streams and valleys. (MW)

On Wednesday 5th June, we went on a trip to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire. We carried out many experiments in the stream, including measuring its velocity and bedload size in different areas. The valley was stunning in itself and was full of diverse wildlife and plants. There were sheep, ponies and so much more to discover. The views were picturesque and the mindful minute allowed me to realise just how lucky I was to be there, in the element of nature. (KJ)


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