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Year Four Junior Maths Challenge

On the 4th of May, Girls’ High welcomed 120 Year four pupils from over 28 primary schools across Wolverhampton to participate in our maths challenge.  After tucking in to pizza and chips from the canteen, the pupils completed five rounds of fun maths activities, from shape making to solving worded problems in pairs. Despite many puzzled faces at the sight of fractions and the frantic changes to answers in the ten-second countdown, all children demonstrated excellent teamwork and had an enjoyable experience, which was topped off by their goody bags! It was lovely to see their enthusiasm for maths and how they adapted to different scenario questions after the initial ‘but that’s impossible!’ Well done to the pupils of West Park Primary School who scored the most points. Thank you to 9S pupils who helped with the marking, the outreach prefects who helped with hospitality and of course to Mrs Stanway who organised the event.  Overall, it was a successful afternoon for everyone and we hope that the next event will be even better!


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