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Curriculum Leader:

Mrs E Bevan

Department Introduction:



Learn in a safe environment free from judgement or shame

Engage with current topics and issues that affect you and those around you

Advance your understanding of your own health and wellbeing

Provide you with important skills and knowledge for wider life


The three core themes we cover are:


  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Living in the Wider World
  3. Relationships


Health and Wellbeing


Students learn what is meant by a healthy lifestyle, how to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, how to manage risks to physical and emotional health and wellbeing, ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe and recognising influence. We talk about how to manage change, including puberty, transition and loss, and how to respond in an emergency. Students will also learn the importance of personal hygiene, road safety, cycle safety and online safety. One element of Health and Wellbeing is the introduction of VESPA, practiced correctly, this gives students the study skills to achieve their personal best.


Living in the Wider World


Students learn about respect for themselves and others, the importance of responsible actions and behaviours, their role in the community, rights and responsibilities, equality and diversity, the importance of respecting and protecting the environment. They gain knowledge on debt and credit, income and investment, and career pathways and enterprise skills.




This theme builds knowledge on how to maintain a variety of relationships, within a range of social and cultural contexts while promoting respect, equality and diversity. Students will be taught how to recognise and manage emotions within relationships, respond to risky or negative relationships, including bullying, abuse, and consent and where to ask for help.


We scaffold our delivery at an age-appropriate level to ensure students build on prior knowledge. In KS3 and Year 10, students have one lesson per week, in Year 11 and KS5, students have one lesson per fortnight. Religious Education is delivered to all KS5 students through PSHCE.


PSHCE is delivered implicitly as well as explicitly; through many areas of school life such as assemblies, weekly quizzes, and is complemented by the broad curriculum we offer. Students are invited to partake in a variety of enrichment opportunities such as LGBTQ+, Mock Magistrates, Youth Council, and Young Citizens.


Further information on PSHCE guidance can be found here Changes to personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) and relationships and sex education (RSE). - GOV.UK (


If there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact

Department Aims:

We aim to provide an education that prepares students for life's opportunities and challenges. We want every student to have an equal opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be the best version of themselves. We want every member of the WGHS community to feel safe, supported, and valued.

Key Stage 3:

Key Stage 4:

Key Stage 5:

Extra-Curricular Activities:

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