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The Hub - Virtual Tour

Welcome to The Hub, the centre for pastoral support at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School.


The Hub has been designed to centralise all pastoral support and administration in the school and to make your House Leaders as accessible to you as possible.


There will always be a member of staff that you can speak to so you can access whatever support you need at any time.

Please explore the map below and click on any part of the Hub you wish to know more about. 360 degree photographs are also available via this map so that you can visibly see what theses different areas are like:


Hub Reception

If you would like to speak to one of your house leaders, or another member of pastoral team, please inform the member of staff on the desk, Mrs Shackleton or Mrs Phillips, and they will see whether they are available to speak to you.


If you have an appointment during school, you can sign in or out at the Hub using your fingerprint on our scanner. This will automatically register you as present or out of school dependent on whether you have arrived or are leaving early. Sixth Formers should always use the finger print scanner to register in or out to ensure they have a mark for morning and afternoon registration if they are in school.


The reception desk is where you can also find your form’s register folder and other things you may need such as music lesson slips, early lunch pass forms and copies of letters you may have missed.


Lost property is still located at the school’s main reception.

Hub Reception

Mrs L Bould

House Leader of Audley

Teacher of Biology


Responsible for:




Mrs C Jones

Assistant House Leader of Audley

Teacher of Latin


Email for Audley Leaders:


Mrs S Milovsorov

House Leader of Ferrers

Teacher of Food

Responsible for:





Miss M Thompson

Assistant House Leader of Ferrers

Teacher of Chemistry


Email for Audley Leaders:


Miss J Price

House Leader of Stafford

Teacher of Physical Education

Responsible for:

Special Education Needs Provision




Miss S Bannister

Assistant House Leader of Stafford

Teacher of Design & Technology


Email for Audley Leaders:

C Canlett.jpg

Mrs E Clarke

House Leader of Paget

Teacher of Chemistry

Responsible for:

Year 7 Transition




Miss C Canlett

Assistant House Leader of Paget

Teacher of PE



Email for Audley Leaders:


Pastoral Support Staff


Mrs B Wittwer

Hub and Learning Support Manager

Mrs T Castle.jpg

Mrs T Castle

Pastoral Administration Assistant

L Taylor.jpg

Mrs L Taylor

Administration Assistant


Mrs J Phillips

Pastoral Administration Assistant


Mrs R Darby

Sixth Form Administration

Kara Hulland.jpg

Mrs K Hulland

Student Wellbeing Officer

Dionne Ellis.jpg

Miss D Ellis

Student Wellbeing Officer

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