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Le Cours d'Art - student review

Following the performance of Le Cours d'Art by Onatti Productions Ltd in school last week, here is a review by Year 11 student Rianna.

'Being performed by native speakers, the play was not only authentic but also full of joie de vivre. Informative it was, but through the digestible lens of gorgeous comedy. Whilst being mirthfully hilarious, I also found the play to have deeply philosophical undertones such as human nature (the hiding of the key, a main plot device) and the dynamics between the schoolchildren in the play, which was very on brand for the French and so it had a bonafide feel to it. Enjoyable was also the way in which they related to our generation through the use of the drink Prime and various other slang words. Overall, as the French say, an incroyable experience and I feel truly grateful to have witnessed this masterpiece.'


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