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Sixth Form Enrichment Programme Overview

Our aim?

‘To develop inquisitive thinkers with a love of learning and who cherish independent thought.’

There’s more to our Sixth Form than A Levels.

We have seized the opportunity afforded by the new linear A Levels to develop a programme for Sixth Formers that encourages you to develop your interests, go beyond your courses, work independently and – importantly – to love learning.

The WGHS Enrichment Programme is structured around our conviction that learning should be undertaken for its own sake. At the same time, The Enrichment Programme is by no means just idealistic. We want our students to be ready for life after Girls’ High, be it university, an apprenticeship, or a gap year, and to have developed the skills of independent learning that are so vital in Higher Education. The Enrichment Programme helps us to achieve this.

How does the programme work?

Here at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, we have created a post-16 personalised education programme, where you get to choose the enrichment courses you do and have some control about how many courses you take. You’ll see that the range of enrichment options is huge. There really is something for everyone!

Our enrichment programme offers all Sixth Form students a unique range of non-examined activities to get involved with enabling them to develop valuable skills and qualities to help prepare them for the next stage of their lives beyond sixth form. The aim is to provide students with a broader experience than just the learning that takes place in the classroom. They can opt to get involved in a personalised enrichment programme that adds depth to their studies subjects by taking part in a variety of activities. The programme encompasses most areas of the curriculum and some of the courses may lead to an external accreditation.

These opportunities include, in addition to many, many more not mentioned below:


  • ​Community Service – assisting in local schools or supporting in day centres for the very young or elderly.

  • Gaining a nationally recognised First Aid qualification.

  • Gaining a nationally recognised British Sign Language qualification.

  • Gaining a Level 2 Award in Financial Education accredited by The London Institute of Banking and Finance

  • Gaining a Level 2 Award in Sports Leader

  • Taking part in the National Theatre's annual playwriting competition. 

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